Links and pages hosted on and mirrored on my home server M-5.
DynDns Name Directory on M-5 under
Registered name on Directory /bazab /bazab /family /family/ /family/allan /family/allan /family/bonnie /family/bonnie /family/amanda /family/amanda /family/rachel /family/rachel /family/zach /family/zach /family/ben /family/ben / / /family/harrison /family/harrison

Links and pages hosted on M-5 for internal configuration use only
Password Protected Administrative Pages Only available inside firewall, 192.168 addresses
phpMyAdmin Mysql database admin page on M-5 Home Router Configuration pages
TeamSpeak Administration page on M-5 Cable Modem Motorola Modem Interface
phpBB2 Admin Page on M-5 Hosting account at
Website Admin Page at phpNuke Admin for

Not all the links are active at this time and links to home server may be for testing new things only and not be exactly the same as the externally hosted pages. If you see a broken link to a hosted page please let me know here

By the way, the color choice is from my High School mascot and school colors, go Black Knights.

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